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People with fists in the air
The Center for Work and Democracy is a growing university center founded in 2019. We created a bold, unique site design that captures their vision of fighting for change.
Rendille Woman
Culturally relatable illustrations drawing people in to help researchers introduce DNA to Kenyan pastoralists through dissemination.
bats illustration
Several months of preparation has lead us to begin moving the large Ask A Biologist site to the new ASU brand standard look.
Researchers at Arizona State University's School of Life Sciences are working with local collaborators in Costa Rica to protect the jaguar species. We followed along to capture their efforts.
Student sculpting
Program book for Sculpting Science exhibit, which features extraordinary ceramic sculptures and drawings inspired by microscopic nature.
Video for an ASU News story about researchers at ASU, partnered with the U.S. Geological Survey, decoding the mojave desert tortoise genome and learning more about the species and how to protect it.
Animation still of cold life under water
Animation for the School of Life Sciences annual holiday video, and repurposed for use by Ask a Biologist.
VisLab miniature photo
Arizona State University is a branded house as opposed to a house of brands. This presented a challenge as we navigate the brand standards to develop our own site.
student in lab
School of life Sciences annual report highlighting notable advancements and achievements across the year.
Dreamscape image
After migrating the School of Life Sciences site to a new Drupal 9 site using The College distribution, we are now at the beginning stages of sprucing up the site with imagery and adding some functionalities for internal use.
Illustration of African woman
Posters used for teaching people in the Turkana region about DNA and viruses.
Student on lab
Video was created to promote the undergraduate research program within School of Life Sciences.
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