Jacob Sahertian

Director Academic Media

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Office: LSE B58, VisLab

Designs that are simple, clear and consistent, along with being technically sound is the philosophy that Jacob Sahertian follows. He feels that inspiration is everywhere and that talent, hard work, research, focus and perseverance all play a big role in how to approach any design projects. Leading a small creative staff, he instills these hard working ideals, but also stresses the importance of finding balance in life in order to stay in touch with the creative inspiration.

Jo Ramirez

Desktop Publishing Specialist

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Office: LSE B61, VisLab

Poster printing, billing, brochures and website updates requires Jo to always be ready to produce great designs and stay organized. This enables the VisLab team to produce many jobs creatively, while still giving clients that personal attention.

Samantha Lloyd

Video Producer

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Office: LSE B60, VisLab

Compelling storytelling in a visual manner is a passion that fuels Samantha Lloyd’s work in video production. Whether it’s in the lab with students, or filming in remote parts of the world, she will do what it takes to get the perfect shot. Behind the lens, her journalism background helps to construct stories that can connect with a universal audience.

Megan Joyce

Graphics Specialist

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Office: LSE B61c, VisLab

Megan is a scholar, designer, researcher, artist, and innovator. She actively works to promote strategic communications, programming, and design-based solutions for VisLab clients. She has extensive experience working with clients on strategic outreach, direct mail and email, social media, and design that contribute to effective and memorable communications strategies. Her interests focus on the implementation of design centered approaches to equitable development, politics/policy, planning, and design and arts practice.

Xavier Sifuentes

Web Developer

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Office: LSE B61, VisLab







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    Alyssa Herrera

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    Oliver Howard

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